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          Gem adventure of the Swiss twins.
  y June 26,1988, Alain and John Darbellay
        landed to Madagascar for the first time.
        The attractive island as well of regard will 
        reveal secrecies to them as it hid sometimes
        since hundreds of million years.
   Alain Darbellay is the author of several novels inspired by his adventures researching one of
   the strangest natural wonders : Precious stone.
   His attractive trips in gem producer countries such Madagascar or Pakistan, often accompanied
   by his twin brother, led Alain to also publishing a series of articles on the subject.
   The single atmosphere transmitted by Alain in his novels is due to the association of a long 
   experiment in the gemstone field, and to the passion which he dedicates to know people.
   It is in particular for purposes to meet an editor interested by the diffusion of this singular
   epopee, put in text in several volumes, that Alain Darbellay invited you to read these few 
   lines by a suitable SEO. 
    Alain Darbellay
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