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The capital city of the North West Frontier Province. Some districts are ultra modern; others cling to the romantic past. Historically, this has been the gateway between Central Asia and the subcontinent. For centuries it was the centre of remarkable civilisations. The Kushan Empire, highly sophisticated civilisation had diplomatic, cultural and commercial links with Rome, Persia and China through the ancient Silk Trade Route.
Afghanistan is not far from here. The mines of Kunar valley produce wonderful tourmalines.

Old Peshawar


      Skardu is the principal town of Baltistan. 

     It is a dry, dusty place on the banks of the Indus.

Skardu has a pleasant climate. However, a blustery wind can rise up in spring and summer, which stirs up the dust and blows until evening. This city is the start to Shigar valley and the K2, Pakistan's highest mountain and second highest in the world.
At the time of his first trip to Skardu, Alain used to eat at the Tourist Cottage, opposite to the PIA office.

Eggs, omelette, chicken, rice, potatoes and... curry composed the everyday meal there. 

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