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Hi J. and A. Darbellay

Thanks for the five beautiful oval cut tourmalines from Madagascar. They are very nice and they came well packaged. Here in "sunny" southern California it is raining finally and we may get a lot more (for us a lot of rain is 2 or 3 inches in a week).

Have a nice Day.
I just wanted to say you guys are doing a fantastic job!  I think your
website is well done with good pertinant info and great pictures. 
Keep up the good work and hopefully one day I will get to meet you John and Alain!  
Thanks for the killer website! Jason. USA/
Stones arrived . Great service and quality !!
Thanks, Skip USA/
Dear Messrs. Darbellay,
I received my gorgeous aquamarine cabochon today, and I must say, it has the most beautiful color I've ever seen in this stone. It is perfect for the project I have in mind as it has the color of Caribbean seawater. Thank you for your fine gems and wonderful service; I will definitely be back! 
Julia  USA/
I have recieved my Natural Blue Sapphire, what a beauty!, I am loving it, it's
simple awesome, It's way more beautiful than pictures. nice packaging, fast
delievery, however it was stuck at custom somehow, I am extremely glad to get this.
Thank you so much, I received my Blue Sapphire today just in time to give as a gift
for a birthday on the 27th September. I am very pleased with the service I received
and the time frame between placing my order and receiving it. I will be back for
more :) 
Dear Alain,
 I have received my gemstone and it is beautiful! Thank you kindly for continuing your excellent service and providing quality stones.
Hello again Alain
I received the sapphires just fine.  Had them appraised and they came out very very well.  Thank you so much!  We will definitely be doing business with you again!
The Beryl arrived this morning and I am impressed. I liked it on the Screen but now, more than ever! I think it is SPECIAL! Thanks for shipping.
Bye, keep up good work, Sincerely...Carolyn, USA/
I just wanted to let you know that I received the Sphene today about 12:00 p.m. I love it!
Happy New Year!
I Received my garnet it's beautiful!  Thanks so much for shipping so quickly, I've already had the stone set and the color is just as orange as I'd hoped for.
1 happy customer!!!  Nancy  USA/
Thank You!  The two cabs I ordered from GGGems arrived & I'm thrilled.  Fine quality Cabs are difficult to find.  I appreciate your wonderful quality & service.  I will be placing another order with you fine folks in the near future.
Randal   USA/
Hi, I just received my pear shaped sapphire in today and I must say, I’m impressed. I usually only buy Ceylons but this one displays a beautiful color. Let me ask you. Why is it that stones from Madagascar can sell for 1-3 hundred but a Ceylon or Australian  can go into the thousands? Do you have any other stones in this color?  Thanks.  Jeremy    USA 
The tourmalines you sold me earlier this year became part of an exquisite necklace and pair of earrings which lead to the sale of a sculpture; ultimately becoming a sale which became 20% of our business income for the year! Could not have done it without your efforts. 
Thanks. François   USA/
The morganite arrived today! It is absolutely exquisite! I will highly recommend your business to my family and friends whenever they compliment the gem. Thank you for your help and outstanding service! Mny thanks, 
Heather        USA/
Hello Alain,
Just wanted to let you know the spess cabs arrived in good order.  
They are like yummy orange ju ju be's.   I like them very much.
Thank you
Dear Alain
Just to let you know I received the gemstone today.  It is really lovely.
Many thanks for all your help.
Kind regards.
HI Alain, I just wanted to let you know that I received the sapphire today, and it all went perfect.... Thanks a lot, and I'll be getting other stones in the near future!!!!
Kind regards,
Dear Alain,
Really thank you very much for the invoice. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
You were recommended to me by an American gemologist.
Best regards,
Hi, My order arrived in good condition today. I am pleased with the crystals. Thank-you very much. Nice doing business with you and I appreciate your prompt responses to my questions.
  Hi there...I just wanted to say thank you for the rhodolite garnet. I live in New Zealand, and I got my rhodolite garnet shipped to me within seven days! Amazing! It
was even more beautiful than it was in the picture on your site. Thank you again!
Hi Alain,
I have received both of my stones that I ordered from you, the Padparadsha and the Ruby.  Both are gorgeous stones, I especially love the Padparadsha it is absolutely stunning, I have not seen anything like it.  Thank you so much, I will definitely be purchasing from you again.
Best regards,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the hessonite and it looks great.
Thanks,   Girish             USA/
Dear Sir 
I received my sapphire and it was so beautiful , thank you so much
Best Regards   Talal        USA/
Dear Mr. Darbellay,
I just received my order and I love it!  Thank you so much for your
assistance and accommodation.  I'll certainly recommend you to people I know.
Sincerely, Natalie          USA/
I recently received a pear-shaped 3.48 carat Madeira Citrine from your company.  I
am absolutely delighted with it!    
Thank you!    Audrey      UK/
I received the crystal today. It's as wonderful as I expected! Thanks (once
again) for your prompt service, and good packing of the stone.
much appreciated!
Hi Alain,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the sapphires today.
They are beautiful and I'm very happy with what I ordered.
Thank you very much.

Jane    USA/
I wanted to let you know I received the stone today, and it is fantastic.
Thank you again for your assistance in delivering the stone to me.
It is a beautiful stone, and I am very happy.  Thank you again. USA/
Hello Alain.  This is Chris, a recent and avid customer.  You are by far the best supplier of gemstones I have found.  I appreciate your help, once again, and I wish you a very nice day.
Thank you for your speedy response.  The stone looks wonderfully bright and clear in the photograph, and I can't wait to see it.  I am wondering how long you think it might take in transit to USA?
The package arrived today, which I consider to be incredibly fast.  You've made my son very happy.
Thanks again.  I'll keep you in mind as his interests in gemstones develop.
Eric   USA/
I received the ruby crystal, it is beautiful. I was wondering if you have any blue sapphire crystals available.
Let me know.
Thanks, Chris
Dear Alain,
The sapphirine has finally arrived, after a long stop at the customs.
I am really satisfied with the specimen: it' s exactly as showed on your site.
Thank you
Dear Messieurs Darbellay,
I just want to confirm the receipt of my Hessonite gem which arrived last Wednesday, and to thank you very much for your prompt service.  There was no problem at all with Customs and I am delighted with the stone.  I didn't think it was possible that it could look even better than the photo, but in fact it does.
In any case, I am extremely happy with my purchase.  You have the best selection of high quality Hessonites that I have ever seen, and at reasonable prices.  I would not hesitate to recommend GGGems to anyone I know who is interested in Hessonites, Sapphires etc.
Merci beaucoup, Harry
P.S.  I though you might be interested to know that there is no duty on importing loose (i.e. unset) gems into the US, only if they are set in jewellery then they become dutiable.
I am a mineral researcher looking for Tourmalines. I found your website and was impressed with your photos of Madagascar.  
Congratulations on the award.
I was certainly very happy with my purchases and your service.
Dr. C.H.
Dear Alain,
I am very happy to report to you that my clients liked very much the pink
tourmaline cabochons you picked out for them.
I was surprised to find that they were impressed that I'd "searched the
world" for them.
You will hear from me again in future. Thank you again for your assistance
and great service.

Regards, Nancy
Just got the Tourmaline looks great .....
For the small story I am ordering from Lausanne to USA ,make the ring here that will be delivered to my customer in Italy,....shall we call mini global economy....
Sincerely John
I just received my apatite.  It is absolutely awesome!  (Words escape me in my attempt to describe how absolutely beautiful it is!)  I am so very glad that I discovered your website...You've definitely got yourself a new, very loyal customer!  Thanks so very much...
I received my mineral today. lovely!! much better than your photo. no offense to your photographer! expect to hear from me soon. 
Thank you for your response. I am going through your website more thoroughly, and very much enjoying it! Particularly all of the information that you offer, about mineral shapes. natural designs,
variations, colors, etc.
Dear Alain;
I received my stone a couple of days ago.  It is beautiful and it is exactly
how you presented it.  I appreciate your professionalism in this transaction
and when I am in the market for another colored stone I  will  contact you
again.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of purchasing  a stone or
stones from you not to think any longer--just to do it!  You  were honest in your
presentation of the Aqua and truthful when asked questions  about the stone.  I
am looking forward to wearing this gorgeous gem which  should be on my finger
in a month.  I must also add that the stone arrived  within a reasonable
amount of time.
                                                               Thank you, Jo  
Dear Alain,
Thank you so much for answering my email.  I was surprised you answered it yourself.  I'm so new at this, (it's been 25 years since I indulged my passion for mineralogy), but I have a scope to my venture and a theme, but very little knowledge.  Your business seems to signal me to ask you, by the way, because of your novel. Again, thank you so much for your reply.
Your stones delivery You mailed 8/15/05 and they arrived in the US on 8/22/05 and exactly as pictured.  Great doing business with you!
Hi Alain,
The stone arrived today. Its gorgeous! My wife loved it! It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to buying stones from you again.
Thanks, Joe
Dear Alain Darbellay --
The tourmalines arrived today, safe and sound.  And quite lovely.  In real life, the color is much closer than my monitor suggested, so I'm particularly pleased.  Thanks again for all your help.
Cordially -- Evelyn
The stones arrived yesterday,
We will do business again.
Thank you, Andy
Thank you sooo much... the sapphire is exactly what I was looking for.
I am very pleased. WOW... shipping was real fast and amazing!!!
From my world to yours, peace and good will!

Nice site and very accurate information.
Thank you for all, Ozgur
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