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 Merchandise value up to   USD    110.00     add             7.00 $ ( Value fully insured )
Merchandise value up to

Registered Mail 3 -7 business days worldwide.

  USD  1000.00      add            7.00 $

  EUR   1000.00      add           7.00 €

per order. "Value not insured, recipient assumes all risk."
Merchandise value up to   USD  2000.00       add         17.00 $

  EUR   2000.00      add         17.00 € 

per order. ( Value insured )
Merchandise value up to   USD  3000.00       add         28.00 $ 

  EUR   3000.00      add         28.00 €

per order.
Merchandise value up to   USD  5000.00       add         38.00 $

  EUR   5000.00      add         38.00 €

per order.
Merchandise value up to   USD  7000.00       add         48.00 $

  EUR   7000.00      add         48.00 €

per order.    ORDER
Merchandise over   USD  7000.00 

  CHF  7000.00              CONTACT US

  EUR  7000.00 

for charges: 
FAST delivery in Switzerland     add CHF   6.- per order.
Express delivery in Switzerland     add CHF 14.80 per order.
Handling charges in Switzerland     add CHF  0 .- per order.     ORDER
For inexpensive stones      add $ 3.00   (international shipping) ( Value not insured )  FAQ
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Minerals: note that shipping price depends on the weight.  Please Enquire

1 we can send insured.  (More expensive)

2 we can send uninsured as Geologic samples for scientific study. No commercial value". 
( International customers must request this at the time of shipping and assume all risk for loss or 
damage with this arrangement. ) will ship only to a street address, not a P.O. Box address,  signature is always required upon order arrival.
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Will ship Worldwide
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