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For AOL users

 Do you see black bands across the top of jpeg images? Are images of precious stones         garbled or blurry ?

This phenomenon is inherent in AOL due to their proprietary graphics compression program that does not know how to translate images created on advance software. 

 Fortunately there is a very easy fix. Any AOL member can simply turn off the compression in the "Preferences" section of "My AOL". Afterwards, magically images  look sharp and focused with no black bands (though you may need to purge the cache  in order to see the difference in images that were recently viewed). AOL says that  image download time is slowed, but we can't tell the difference. And it is well worth waiting for the better, sharper picture.

Here is how to fix it (on AOL for PC):

  1. Open AOL and log on.
  2. Click on "My AOL".
  3. Click on "Preferences".
  4. Click on "WWW".
  5. Click the "Web Graphics" tab at the top right.
  6. Uncheck the "Used Compressed Graphics"box.
  7. Click "Apply".

 It is that easy. Immediately web pictures of gemstones will look better.

 We look forward to helping you.                   


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