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( Ilakaka Area)
  Sakalama is located in Bara country. This tribe from southern
  center of Madagascar was at the origin of many thefts, raids 
  between its members who disputed the domination of the area        
  within the previous centuries.
  Their dominating inclinations pushed them to attack the close 
  tribes, in particular those located in the south of their area.
  The nature drove Bara becoming pastors and also solids
  armed walkers.
  Thus, when a young man becomes adult, the habit requires that 
  he mark this passage by the theft of zebus so that he proves
  his courage. Thus he will be able to marry.
  The theft of ox is a current activity for the Bara who are 
  famous for that.
  It should be said that they are not alone to practice it, because 
  this work can be regarded as a national sport. 
  The robbers of zebus are called malaso.  Following the precious stones discovery on their
  territory, a part of them was naturally transformed into brigands, attacking those who can have
  an interest for them; miners, local middlemen, foreign customers are exposed there.
  The Isalo sandstone 
  composes the essence of
  the landscape of this area. 
  The first deposits consist of
  conglomerates, gravels and
  sands cemented more or less
  loosely by clays; if the distribution
  of sands and gravels is about
  regular, it is not the same thing about the conglomeratic formations always very restricted.
  These deposits consist of materials of crystalline schists, granites, volcanic rocks varying
  with the basins, the age and distribution.
  One finds there elements of rocks and minerals:  quartz, feldspars, micas, zircons, tourmalines,
  ilmenites, magnetite, monazite, rutile, chrysoberyls, corundum.
  The elements of rocks are of very variable size and sometimes of strong dimensions but,
  generally, it do not exceed 5 or 6 cm.  The types with large elements appear localized
  close to the littoral zones; on the other hand the gravels and the sands are almost regularly
  distributed in the content of the basins.
This sapphire of natural color,
therefore untreated was found
in alluvium in the sandstones.  
This is why it does not have 
any more its original shape.
Bezabo mount (1066 meters)
      The conglomeratic zones in most
      of the cases, correspond much more 
      with falls than with alluvia, however 
      the elements of these rocks are 
      rolled at the same time more and 
      more, increasingly fine and better
      cemented towards the top of
      the deposits, however without
      classification by size there.
      The lithological variations of these sediments are in connection with the substratum. Very
      strong proportion of biotite and corundum and mica schist elements at the same time on or
      close to the substratum with talcschists;  elements of quartz and quarzites largely dominant
      close to the peaks of quarzites. Indices of weak rehandling.   Visit a sapphire mine
         Currently, this zone is prohibited to the foreigners, it is also the case of all the Ilakaka
         area. Foreigners can reside at the edge of the trunk road only, provided that they
         are holders of a permit.
                             Blue, pink sapphires and
                             rubies represent part 
                             of the stones found here.






Ilakaka in 2008 visible on Google Earth.
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